Dear Donald,

Americans are frustrated and angry and scared. You’ve channeled this into your nomination.

Americans are also good. We’re generous and courageous and kind. That’s what you’ve missed.

A single mom in Birmingham who taught her son how to rise while respecting women. The Toledo autoworkers fighting to protect the jobs of their immigrant brothers. And the families of faith in Little Rock who believe in lowering taxes without lowering their values.

This is who we are. And this is why your campaign will break down.

Your campaign doesn’t just seem wrong. It feels un-American. To support it would make me less of myself, less of my grandpa’s grandson, less of my mom’s son.

Turning away from you is a way to say who we are.

Josh Tetrick
(415) 404-2372

This is who you are
 –  responses to the letter
Listen to select responses:
Dear Josh, thanks for saying so well what many of us are feeling. Let’s all defeat this fool.
Well said Josh! Well said —Dan from Michigan

Josh response
Thanks Dan

Caller response
No, THANK YOU!! You have a powerful voice that has resonated with all the knowledgeable Americans. You sir, have made this country proud!!
Josh, I know you’re likely getting a million messages right now, but I wanted to say THANK YOU for the ad/letter to Trump. What you said is exactly what we need to hear more of from successful young people like yourself. It was direct and RESPECTFUL, something Trump knows nothing of! Thanks again!
Thanks Josh for bringing back some good sense to this madness...
All the best, Jose P.
Great Dear Trump letter! I wish there were more CEO’s like you! Thank you for speaking up!
Josh, from a design and concerned American citizen standpoint, thank you for the brilliant ad in the NYT.
Josh — You said how so many young Republicans like myself feel. We are Republicans but above all else we are Americans. I was raised on the American ideals of loving those who differ in opinion and that no problem has a simple fix but levels of complexity that must be understood. This country has troubles in front of it but I can live with working through them, understanding those who may think different than myself, accepting those who have different belief systems, and always living by the words “country before politics”.
Josh, I met you once when I interviewed for a position at Hampton Creek years ago. You were kind, thoughtful and generous then and that was emulated in your New York Times ad. Thank you for using your platform to shine a light on the hateful, shameful behavior of Donald Trump. In a changing world led by millennials who have disavowed the foundations of the previous generations in search of better, sustainable and inclusive alternatives, you have marked your space as a champion for that right. You’ve shown you not only recognize and stand beside that in our consumed products, but also in leadership and the ways Americans years to come will be effected by this egregious behavior. Thank you for taking a stand. Thank you for being vulnerable. Thank you for engagement. Thank you for being a voice. Thank you thank you a thousand times over. Thank you for it all.

I applaud your letter sir! I truly am frightened for our country if we elect Donald Trump.

Daniel B.
Kindergarten Teacher
Kenai, AK
Hi Josh, thanks for challenging Donald Trump in the NYT. I know demonstrating your political beliefs as a CEO requires a lot of courage. As someone who lived in West Africa for a bit, I have a lot of respect for you. Keep it up! In any case, continue inspiring and thanks for contributing to betterment of our food systems.

—Osama A.
Mr. Tetrick,

Thank you for taking out the ad—Dear Donald... I am embarrassed for our country. I spent 2 weeks in Europe in April. The people I met were seriously afraid of a possible US president Trump. If they aren’t worried, they are laughing at us. I assured them that Trump was a novelty and would never win the nomination. Now I wake everyday seriously worried that we will have Pres Trump. I don’t trust Hillary. I have no idea who I will vote for. This election is dividing our country in anger. I don’t share my thoughts on politics with neighbors or friends because I want to keep the peace. I am 60 yrs old and I find it difficult to believe Trump supporters are accepting of the name calling and lack of self control from Donald Trump. I am praying for a miracle.

All the best,
Janet G.
Hello. I just read Dear Donald and I just want to thank you and your employees for speaking out for people who don’t have a voice.

—Cristina from California
Right on! Your peaceful protest and words are what America is about. Love it, whoever you are.
Hello! Sorry for texting so late but I just want to say thank you for standing up for Americans! I just read the article about you and I am so impressed! That took a lot of courage and hopefully you will open people’s eyes. Keep doing what you are doing! You are awesome!
Mr Tetrick: THANK YOU for running the ad in the New York Times! It was succinct and right on point. I am a Republican and will not vote for Trump. Steve S.
Dear Josh, I know you’ve been inundated with messages and I know you probably won’t get to mine but, I want to thank you. As a woman and a daughter of immigrant parents I have a fear deep down inside of me that this man will become the leader of this country. I’m afraid of what will happen to the progress we’ve all made. Thanks for writing what you did. Good luck with your business ventures.

Best wishes,
Thank you for opposing Donald Trump. Yesterday’s editorial in the Washington Post laid it out. Need more voices like yours.
Thank you for the NY Times article. He is a con man using emotion and one liners to sell something that is not in the best interest of his target audience. These folks don’t typically pay attention to details/facts, so his con is working. Scary!
Hello, Josh! Thank you very much for your full-page statement in last Sunday’s NY Times. We share and endorse your opinion.

Kind Regards,
Millions of Like-minded Americans (and especially Sally C. and family)
Thank you for your letter and taking a stand in a unique format! The words being said in his campaign are reverberating through this country, not unnoticed, and are taking a toll. Our country is amazing in our resilience and ability to change with acceptance. Of course more could be done to better this country, but Trump’s words and actions are making it increasingly difficult to do so. I run a small 501c3 dogs of service trying to help veterans heal and dogs, a blending of 2 ideologies, and have already had conversations with people who are more concerned with classifying me as something rather than discussing a solution. The lack of compassion is difficult, and needs to end before it gets a larger grasp. Thank you for your letter and activism! Love your message and products too!
Dear Josh, after a busy week we are getting around to our Sunday New York Times and read your letter to Donald Trump. I just want to thank you so very much for speaking what so many of us feel. Against my better judgement, I allowed my 16-year-old daughter to watch the RNC acceptance speech Thursday night, and that night she was in tears afraid for our country. You hit the nail on the head in saying that there is so much good in our people. I can only hope the majority of people feel the same way in November. Thank you again. Liz A. in Colorado.
Hi Josh! I’m Melissa. I just wanted to say that your letter in the New York Times was very powerful and reached a lot of people. I heard about it all the way from Canada. I hope that the message reaches Trump, but I also hope it reaches American voters and helps them wake up and see that man for who he is and what he stands for. I stand with you and support you completely. On another note, good job standing up to Helmanns! I love your mayo!
Thanks for running the ad! I know you didn’t do it to promote your product but first shopping trip since the ad and I bought your product as support. Keep fighting the good fight!
Thank you for serving your country. This Republican will continue voting Democrat this year as I did for Obama. Trump and the Republican party is not representative of the America I know.
Josh, we just saw your ad in Sit & Wonder Coffee in Brooklyn. Perfectly said. Thank you. Michael, Rosie, and Tristan
Dear Josh,

I have had the craziest week, and have waited 5 days to dive into the NYT and really sink my teeth into it. It took dragging my paper and myself down to salt lake city for the weekend to see friends and source out potential job opportunities to find a quiet moment. I’m a Canadian out of Vancouver, and generally follow the political climate in the US more than my American friends. All that aside, your succinct and poignant words reaffirm why I believe the heart of America is still intact, and I applaud your bold and powerful step of putting your heart on your sleeve and into your words, and speaking for millions who reject the absolute horrific and divisive campaign that Trump is leading. Huge kudos! (your words remind me of the sentiments of my kick ass Prime Minister)

—Ross R.
Thank you! Your letter speaks for a lot of us.
Dear Josh,

Thank you for your meaningful message in the NYT. I agree with you!

Catherine A. in Mississippi
Josh—Thanks for not sitting on the sidelines and being a true American. We need more voices like yours.
This Republican party with Donald Trump at the helm is so unbelievably frightening. They are corrupt, manipulative, hate-mongers that only care about their own wealth, power and prejudices. The U.S. would be much more at risk of terrorism and war with this unworthy regime and cabal of crooks in power. Thank you for your actions Josh! Chrisy in California
Just read your letter in the Times, Josh; I salute you and thank you.

Amos F.
From a U.S. Navy Sailor that is also an immigrant to this great country. Your ad called my attention and I applaud you for the gesture. This maniac cannot ascend to power of this country that I now call home. BRAVO!

PO1 William O. – USN
Hello Josh, I am an immigrant from Africa, and more, a single mom who is working hard to make a difference with kids in our schools, in LAUSD. I am a former Doctors Without Borders, where I worked in a war zone and assisted homeless veterans and low income families. This year we saved 5 people caught in an armed robbery, 1 woman dying in the street by performing CPR on her, and 3 people assaulted in the street. I still have a great hope in an America that comes together to offer a better world to humanity. I believe in dialogue, forgiveness, peace and reconciliation. I believe in kindness no matter what. And more, I believe in love and the beauty of our people. Thanks for stepping up. —Adrienne D.
Dear Mr. Tetrick.

Every day I worry that Donald Trump could possibly be our next President. I too hope that Americans show their good, generous, courageous and kind side in November.
Thank you for buying and placing the Dear Donald ad. Outstanding.
Right on, Josh. You rock! Thank you.
I’m a veteran and a 6x great granddaughter of a Revolution War Officer. I was born into a family of republicans. Always voted republican. But I will not be voting republican this year; not for any office, local or national. I have no family who will be voting for Trump. This man and his running mate are everything I served to fight against. Thank you for standing up for American values.
Well said, Mr. Tetrick, I am a first generation immigrant to the US who came here 12 years ago for higher studies. I have a wonderful job, an amazing husband, lovely children, a supporting extended family—all of whom are legal US citizens. However, for the first time I have become conscious of being a ‘woman immigrant with non-white skin’—all factors loathed, despised and derided by Donald Trump. I am fearful for my children when they go to summer camp or daycare, for my husband who spent his entire life in this country, and for my own life every day while riding the NYC subway. I am fearful that I will be ‘mis’judged for being a woman, for being of brown skin, and for being an immigrant. All because of the hateful campaign that Trump is running.

Thank you for speaking out against that. I hope and pray that voices of people like you percolate to the deepest layers of our society so that neither Donald Trump nor anyone like him ever holds the reins of this country!

Thank you again!
Thank you for doing what’s right! I’m a long time Independent & resident of Southwestern PA. I’m also a combat veteran of the Vietnam War who has a # of medals from that war, including a purple heart, Bronze Star, Commendation Medal, Combat Action Ribbon, among others. I didn’t fight & bleed for a Country that would elect such a disgusting coward who demeans & insults entire categories of people and NEVER served our Country in any capacity (he used his inherited wealth & dodged Vietnam with 5 deferments for “bone spurs”, which he “can’t remember which foot they were on”)... sure!! If he is elected I will (symbolically) reject all my military awards in protest and copy as many media outlets of such! He must not be elected and I applaud your efforts to achieve that! Thanks again for speaking up!
Beautiful, simple, clear message in the New York Times. Thank you for your efforts. I hope it gets picked up by the media everywhere. Lauren K., a very concerned voter in NYC.
Thank you, Josh, for your bold and articulate gesture in denouncing the Trump candidacy. That was a class act, sir, and I applaud you. We share the belief that the Trump campaign is genuinely misaligned with the best of what America is supposed to be. Thanks!
Dear Mr. Tetrick,

Thank you for making your voice, and that of others, known with your ad. As a small business owner, single mother, and believer in the best of humanity, I support your ideals. Mr. Trump, in my view, does precisely the opposite. Let’s make certain he doesn’t get elected... Thank you, Holly P.
God bless you Josh. Any possible way you can have this letter published in all the battleground states? I know it would be a lot of money but maybe get an advertising contribution campaign going? Sometimes it takes people like you to get things going.
Mr Tetrick, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your initiative to voice against Donald Trump’s unethical campaign. I am an international student on visa and know many associates who work hard, pay taxes and maintain their civility. I perceive Americans as the most generous and welcoming people, so Trump’s blatant denouncement of immigrants definitely does not comply with true American values.
Thank you Josh for speaking up (in NYT today) you made an impact and are an excellent source of discussion and how taking a small but significant action makes a difference with our college kids, at our dinner discussion tonight. Appreciate your model, all the best, Karen, Marc and family.

Josh response
That means so much to me
Tell the kids to focus on big, important things—will always have more fun doing that, too :)

Caller response
Done, message conveyed! Thx
And thx, they were impressed you texted back
Josh, my name is Darryl M. and as a 30 year old IT and military veteran, I agree with you 100%. People will lose a part of themselves for supporting this narcissistic bigot. Thank you for your letter. I wish you well in all of your future endeavors.
From a stranger in Florida: thank you for your Dear Donald ad. You never really know who you’ll inspire by getting caught doing the right thing! Count on it, you were accidentally a hero today, to someone, somewhere. —Amy
Josh, thank you for your article. Well spoken without fury and anger. I am moderate conservative, like you in the food business, live just south of Cleveland and afraid to go there this week. You said what so many of us feel. Best regards, Bill F.
Josh, your 129-word message to Trump captures my feelings precisely. As a registered Republican, I received a poorly-written request to donate to this guy’s campaign. My response was more than 129 words, but it spelled out my feelings.

Here it is: “I am a life-long registered Republican, and a 43-year veteran of our military and Intelligence Community. I suppose you feel because I’m a registered Republican, you can send your poorly written request for support and then expect me to contribute some of my hard-earned money towards your campaign.

It was painful for me to witness the last two Republican candidates, each of whom failed to recognize our changing political landscape. First McCain, then Romney adhered to the dogma that resonated with the poorly educated, out-of-tune minority of voters in this country, and both were trounced by a more populous voice that was in tune to our Nation today.

Now we have you, who has gone far beyond what the previous losers have done. I am shocked that you pass yourself off as a Republican - you are nothing of the kind. My Republican party is the party of Lincoln, it is the party of Reagan, it is the party of hope, unity, and strength, against a backdrop of conservatism.

Donald you are a true loser. A loser because you do not represent the values and beliefs of this great nation. A loser because, unlike me and countless others, you never served our Nation in any capacity. A loser because you only seek fame and fortune at the expense of others. A loser because you simply are out-of-tune with the people of this great Nation.

I am no fan of Hillary Clinton, but I can say with certainty that if that is the only option to you, then my Republican hand will vote for her.

This is also a topic of discussion among my Republican friends, who seem inclined to vote the same way.

Our fervent hope is after November, you will retreat to wherever you go, and we will never hear from you again. But of course your ego won’t allow that to happen. Pity.”
Thank you for publishing your letter. If there is anything I can do to help defeat Donald Trump Please let me know. Terry F.
Josh, I’ve just learned about your ad. I’m an educated writer in Metro Detroit. Although I’m a woman and a mother, I don’t feel any more in line Trump’s line of fire than you are. That’s because we’re all equally under attack by him and his rhetoric, whether it be targeting race, religion, gender or opposition to torture. I’m writing to challenge you. What will you do next to include those of us who feel we don’t otherwise have a voice? I’m Catherine H. and I love my country and the values for which it stands.
Thank you so much for speaking for me, and I hope many others. I feel as if I have been waiting this whole time for some “grownups” to speak up and say “That’s Enough!” We don’t behave this way to each other. Period. How do you explain to children, grandchildren that this is unacceptable when it’s becoming the norm?! It is not only un-American, it’s uncivilized. We are better than this. Lori
Dear Josh, thank you for your declaration of civility. Mr. Trump is incapable of relating to the goodness you speak of. His election would tear apart the very fabric that supports the evolution of our country and the others who seek the values of democracy. Kudos to you.
Mr. Tetrick: I read your message today regarding Mr. Trump and his campaign. I accessed it online just now via a news article. I’m unfamiliar with you and would normally not respond or even have the ability to, so I highly respect and appreciate that you signed it with a phone number allowing responses such as this. I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for articulating so succinctly how many of us (American citizens, not to mention the rest of the world’s populace) feel when confronted with this person’s ‘campaign’ and it’s disturbing ideology and worldview. Your words are direct and heartfelt without being negative or petulant and, while they may not break through the ignorance and (yes) hatred of this person’s supporters, they did give a voice to his numerous detractors, of which I am thankful. There’s no need to respond in kind; I just, again, wanted to say ‘thank you’ for writing what many of us feel and wish we could say to a wide audience such as this.
Sincerely, Nathan M.
From another solid “moderate”, you are 100% right regarding Trump. Thanks for speaking up! Look into Gary Johnson as a common sense alternative. Charles K.
Wow, as a Canadian who lived in the US for years, is an immigrant to Canada, have two US born girls—I am proud of you Josh. You take a stand on moral rights and separate values from politics. America is a great nation built on the backbone of immigrants. Muslims, Jews, Catholics, are all a part of the American Dream and have a right to live in peace. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mr. Tetrick.
Hi Josh! You don’t know me, but I saw your open letter, and I just wanted to commend you for taking a stand. As a Green Card holding immigrant, I can’t vote, but I can support causes I believe in. I find the sentiment Trump has been cultivating across the nation terrifying. I’m happy people like yourself are putting their time and financial resources in combating this dangerous man. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for speaking out. —Harley
Hey Josh this is Leo A. from Puerto Rico. Why’d you put your cell up in the ad and expose yourself to the Trump crazies? Anyhow, it takes guts for a CEO to do what you did. Props to you.
Hello Josh,
Thank you for saying what needs to be said.I am an independent, more often Democratic but unable to support either Presidential candidate this year.I am saddened that my Representative, Steve Israel has dropped out rather than continue non stop fund raising and congressional warfare.What can we do to restore representative government and how do we explain this election to our grandchildren ? Thank you, Ted B.
Re: dear-donald: Very eloquent, Mr. Tetrick. Glad you spoke out. We need more leaders—across spectrum from business & politics, to arts & education—to stand up against Trump’s bullying/lying/divisive/un-American agenda.
Thank you, from the daughter of Mexican immigrants. Thank you from a fellow American. Thank you!
Dear Mr. Tetrick, thank you for speaking out for common sense and the pres`ervation of civil rights for all Americans. As a psychologist it is unsettling and worrisome to see what amounts to a severe narcissistic man infecting the US with truly neo-fascist ideas. I would have never believed this could happen here but it is happening. Thank you for speaking out as this is neither a republican or democratic issue—this has become about the preservation of the ideals and dreams of our nation. Dr. Dan L.
Thank you for your ad. Donald Trump’s hate speech and fear mongering are exactly what Americans should be fighting against—not for. Thank you for putting it so succinctly and publicly.
Josh: you said it for all of us. I’ve felt many things over my 61 years as an American, including fear, but that fear was always directed outward: terrorists, extremists, jihads and other hate-mongers. This is the first time that I’ve been afraid for the outcome of a Presidential election. I can’t even begin to imagine a United States with Trump as President. Thanks for saying this for all of us.
Thank you for putting yourself out there with the full page ad. So much of what he says is ironic. For example, when he criticized a judge for being impartial due to his Mexican heritage to me is like saying Donald Trump can’t fairly address our economy due to his many bizarre financial interests. He is an essay of provocative bumper stickers thrown together.

—Anthony (Vermont, USA)
P.S. Most importantly though, thank you for seeing the best in us.
Thank you for so eloquently and courageously articulating what so many of us Americans are feeling but have felt hopeless to stop. Business leaders and role models such as yourself need to use your voice to stand up to the bully that Trump is and you took that stand. I have no doubt that your mom and your grandpa will be proud to call you their son and grandson.Thank you!
It’ll soon be a year since I became a citizen of this country, and your letter has reminded me that there’s still hope and there are still good Americans left with a voice #strengthinnumbers. Thank you.
I wish I had more of a voice. Thank you for using yours. Trump’s nomination is an embarrassment to this incredible country.
Thank you, Josh for your truthful ad. I am a single mom trying to teach my 6 & 8 year old daughters the concepts of respect and honor. Donald Trump does not bring those to the office of the President and I am so disappointed at those who think he is the right choice. Somehow, someway, our country and our people have been indoctrinated with fear and hatred. We must find a way to reverse this. Electing Donald Trump will do just the opposite. I hope people at least pause and consider your ad. Best wishes to you and your company.
Lynn P., Atlanta GA
Since Trump admits he does not read, I am sure he is not aware of the content of Constitution or Bill of Rights, which outline who and what we are and should strive to be. Keep reminding us of what it means to be a real American.
Mr. Tetrick,
I could not agree more. Thank you for voicing your opinion in such a concise and clear manner. The fact that you can dismantle a presidential campaign in less than 150 words shows how flawed Trump’s exploits of the U.S. citizens are. I just hope we as a country are able to see it this way too.
Kindly, Kyle
I am a retired school psychologist from rural South Georgia, mother of twin 23 year old daughters and a most of the time democratic voter. Just saw your ad on CNN. So well said. Thank you! I hope it serves as a wake up call for many.
Dear Josh,
Thank you for representing me with your Dear Donald letter. If I had the resources I would have done the same thing. So, I want you to know I did what I could do—in your honor—and MY grandfather’s honor—an immigrant farmer from Poland and contributed additional money to Mrs. Clinton’s campaign.
Sincerely, Jim L.
Thank you for speaking out in such a visible way Josh. The thought of a Donald Trump presidency terrifies me, makes me fear for my country.
—Tammy in Maryland
Mr. Tetrick: Thank you for giving cogent voice to the concerns held by millions of Americans like me who continue to remain appalled and most troubled by the candidacy of a reality-tv-star-turned-GOP-front-runner for the highest office in the greatest nation on Earth.

The GOP continues to astound the American public with their rhetoric and divisiveness, led by this carnival barker and buffoon masquerading as a serious candidate.

Let us hope that voters heed your sage counsel.
Josh, Thank you for standing up to Donald Trump and saying what needs to be said loud and clear. With warm wishes, from Chappaqua, NY
Mr. Tetrick, THANK YOU for the ‘Dear Donald’ Ad. As a physician son of hard- working immigrants, I thank you for your words. My father worked as a janitor when he came to the US. I turned into a physician.
Thank you from Pittsburgh. That ad nailed it. Maybe you could do TV too, she asks optimistically? Signed, Granddaughter of Irish immigrants.
Thank God you have enough money to speak out for us against Donald Trump. It will be disastrous if he is elected.
Dorothy W. Statesville, NC
Dear Josh,
Agree 100% with your letter to Donald Trump. I am a 3rd and 4th generation Polish American. I’m afraid for this country. Immigrants have worked hard to make the US better, working in factories and fields, often times doing jobs we native born folks eschew. Thank you for speaking out against hate. Alyce R., Miami.
Josh, thanks for your leadership. As a hip hop artist and nonprofit leader, I’m also fighting for goodness and hope.
Mr. Tetrick, thank you for your open letter to the Republican nominee. His vitriol, divisiveness, ignorance, and blatant racism must be exposed and stopped. He threatens the foundation of the Republic. Please keep up the good fight! I will be right there with you!
My two cents worth about your ad. While we all have an opinion about the presumptive nominee, just remember that Trump did not put himself as the nominee, the majority of the American people did. He is not perfect nor Clinton. One of the two lesser evils will be President.
Bravo! I’m Egyptian (Christian) and live in St. Louis and I’ve witnessed friends and strangers alike lose their minds thinking what Trump says is acceptable... we can do better than that and we need more leaders to speak up... what a disgrace, but let’s become better for it... thank you. :)
Mr. Tetrick... Thank you! I believe wholeheartedly in your message. I love our country and I know that Americans will make the right choice in November.
Hi Josh,
I am a Canadian and the sight, language and behavior of Donald Trump is outrageous for any politician. Not only is he outrageous, he is scary! I agree with you that his values are un-American and that he is a poor model for anyone to emulate.
Good for you for speaking out! Mary
From someone who has voted Republican every election since he was 18, my sentiments exactly. Life is too short to fill it with fear and hatred. I guess my voting record is about to change.
As a 32-year old veteran and life-long Republican, thank you for using your resources to speak the truth. I have said for months that Trump is the most un-American candidate to run for office in decades. He advances exclusion, not inclusion. He argues protectionism over free trade. He represents ignorance and fear. Trump is the Jerry Springer of presidential candidates—give him a talk show, not the presidency. The Emperor wears no clothes!
Josh, thanks for leading. Like George Will, I have left the Republican Party. Today’s version has no resemblance to the party my Grandma taught me about as a kid. As a proud American, having served in both the Marine Corps and the Peace Corps, I will not cede to the bully. That would be un-American. Regards, Scott.
Josh thanks for speaking up for us sons and daughters of immigrants. My grandfather’s father came over from Poland and helped build America by working hard in the oil refinery until he retired. Thank you.
Right on man! Larry, Dallas TX
Thank you for revealing our thoughts to the many, taking your resources and time to broadcast the thoughts of us few is most heartening.
I applaud your Dear Donald letter... he simply cannot become president...
Well said. Thank you.
Neil M., Walnut Creek, CA
BTW my son loves your mayo.
Thank you. I knew I couldn’t be the only one that felt that way.
Hi Josh—my name is Paula S. from CT and I just read your letter—outstanding! Thank you for standing up to Donald. I want to add my name to your letter—I think you need to put it online and let us all stand with you in agreement against Trump. All the best to you!
Thank God for people like you in this country who might possibly make a difference. It’s very scary, what’s happening in this country. Maybe you should run for president. Thank you for writing that letter to the Donald. God Bless.
Like the American Civil War once again we have a genuine disagreement on what kind of America we want to be. This election is about that: an America divided or stronger together? An America ruled by a mature leader or a childish bully?
Thank you for speaking up. We all should.
Josh, thank you for your thoughtful words against the un-American tone that is taken on by the Trump campaign. You speak for me as well as millions of other Americans. Jay D.
Thank you for this ad! As an immigrant and now citizen I am working hard and feel very privileged. Trump has a borough on a narrative which does not belong in a presidential campaign and belittles us all worldwide! Keep it up and thank you again.
Dear Mr. Tetrick,
Thank you for speaking out and for being who you are. I suspect your mother and grandfather are/would be incredibly proud of you. I am—for your words reflect the America I know.
Manju C.
Thank you, Josh. You gave voice to the people that couldn’t speak for ourselves.
Thank you. With your ad, you encouraged people to look inward, to question their own value beyond the fear and anger. It’s a tough job, but thank you for making an effort.

Sincerely, Houston reader.
Loved the letter in the ny times. Who are you? Dave H
Josh — thank you for taking on a ham fisted thug who is running for president for his own aggrandizement. This election is for the soul of America as we know it to be at heart. A generous and warm country not the “vision” Mr Trump offers of every one for themselves.

Unfortunately for the Republican party he only voices what they have been saying for a long time and we only have to look to Florida sinking and sticking in the algae bloom thanks to their Republican governor who pushed through low regulation to benefit the sugar industry. I am awe struck with your letter and grateful to you.

I am going to go try your product!!! Founders like you are rare and I truly appreciate you calling this scary man out with your newspaper ads. He might complement you by calling you a loser or threatening to file a suit the way he deals with critics. Thx hope more founders follow. The conservative economist columnist Ben Stein released a video on Trump’s lack of understanding about trade and said for the first time he might vote for a democrat!!
Dear Josh. Thank you for speaking for all of us. Mel
Dear Donald, I love my immigrant friends and co-workers, BUT we don’t need to give our country away either. I work in tech and am seeing so many jobs going overseas or to foreign nationals working here. Let’s not give away the ranch in the name of diversity.
Thank you for your ad. As an American citizen I do agree with your view. As an immigrant, I do appreciate it. I hope more Americans notice Trump’s divisiveness.
Well put Josh — Thank you and hope you sleep better
— Julie O.
Thank you for your generosity in writing and publishing your letter. I feel so powerless to take an effective action against Trump and appreciate your efforts so much! Pam & family
You Rock! Thank you. If I had the money I would put in my own ad too. Thx for speaking out.
Josh, thank you for speaking up. I too will simply turn my back to mister Trump. I wish you peace and happiness Sir.
— Jason
I just read your open letter about the current GOP nominee. I migrated to this country over 15 years ago and have always been blown away by the ideal that is America. But this last year has been so disturbing to me because it’s made me feel that American is not as admirable as I had thought to allow a candidate who has solely run his campaign with such bigotry and yet still gets rewarded with the nomination of a major party. God bless you for taking a stand for the America I have adored and admired.
You da man. I wanna be like you when I grow up.
Go Josh! I’m a registered Republican but am disgusted by Donald Trump and anyone that votes for him. He is a disgrace to my party, and our country.
Hi Josh, I am on vacation near Syracuse and saw your ad in the Post Syracuse today. Amazing! Thanks for voicing your opinion in such a big way! #imwithher
Thank you for the Dear Donald letter. Politics aside it is a sad day when the Presidential candidate of a major party is endorsed by white supremacists.
Dear Mr. Tetrick, thanks for speaking out against Trump. He represents the worst aspects of our humanity. Thank you for being the voice of our better angels.
Perfect! Thank you for this your letter posted in the NY Times. It is a much needed message.
Carol H. Native Texan
You are 100% correct. My father would agree that Trump’s USA is not what he fought for in WWII.
Mr Tetrick, I’m a socially conservative fiscally liberal Democrat, and I have to say that your letter spells to a T what it is that upsets me most about Trump. Thank you for your letter!
So well said! I’ve almost always voted Republican and feel the same way you do. Thank you for taking action.
Josh, thanks for taking a stand against this very scary person. I was moved to tears with your very well chosen words. I am trying to sincerely understand why fellow Americans support him at the sacrifice of what we really stand for but am at a loss. I have to find my own peaceful version of action so I too can sleep at night. I don’t do social media and appreciate responding with a text. Keep inspiring others.
Love this ad, I hope more people realize that Trump would be bad for this country! It is shameful that he was the “best” the Republican party could do.
—from a former Republican
My parents were emigrants. I now have grandchildren. The fact that people believe in Trump scares me. Thanks for the ad. If we don’t hang together, we’ll surely hang separately.
Josh, thank you for your Dear Donald article. Thank you for using your voice.
Dear Mr. Tetrick—Thank you for your courage and the eloquence of your words in your full page ad in the NY Times this past Sunday. I, along with many others, feel that Donald Trump does not speak to what being an American really means. The power of your words will be read by millions around the world and it is a message which must be seen and heard—Mr. Trump cannot be the next President of the United States.
Josh, thanks for speaking out in such a public way regarding the not-so-subtle hate and fear-mongering emanating from Trump. He will take this country back 100 years and likely start a trade or real war. My hispanic family has been in Texas since before it became a US State. My ancestors were killed by Richard King henchmen for their land. We need to stand up to that kind of tyranny that he would bring.
- Ken
Josh, I’m sending a virtual hug. You make me feel proud to be an American. I’ve been feeling a lot of shame lately, most because of one pseudo-American named Don Trump. You helped the world to see in a big way that Americans are not wall builders, fear mongers, name callers, or truth avoiders like him. We are like you. Good, kind, honest, loving. Bless you. Maggie P from Michigan.
Hi Josh, thx for speaking out in such a big and public way against Trump. We cannot let this happen to our country. In solidarity, Holly
This is probably one of many responses to your wonderful letter to Donald Trump in the New York Times. I couldn’t agree with you more! Well written! Let’s hope the masses view this piece and agree.
Joe E.
Omaha, Ne
Raising teen and pre-teen boys during this negative political environment is challenging to explain/navigate. Thank you for standing up and being a positive male voice/leader!
I saw your letter featured in CNN and you’re right but the most disturbing thing is this election both presidential candidates are unworthy of the honor of being the president of the free world. Neither have displayed the respect the position deserves and hopefully a decent third party candidate will join the race.
Josh, thank you for your words and courage for speaking out against Trump. We need more voices like yours! Laura, another member of the human race who is anti-racism, anti-bigot, anti-misogyny, anti-trump, residing in Buffalo, NY
I respect your opinion, and good for you to have the resources to reach the masses. LEGAL immigration must be mandatory. Equal opportunity for all must remain ensured. Donald will give you that. I have a headache from the lady that thinks she has to yell louder than everyone to be respected. See you at the polls
Thank you so much for speaking out in your open letter. As a woman immigrant who has been in the US for decades, I am quite concerned on the hatred that has been stirred up in this presidential campaign. Even though I have a science PhD and consider myself having made a meaningful contribution to the society by being part of a team that has brought innovative medicine to patients, I am concerned that this presidential campaign is so focused on the hatred of non-caucasian immigrants. This hatred will drive this great country backwards, not to mention hurting those non-Caucasian looking Americans who have already made America great. Such hatred does not represent the America that I know and value.
Great ad Mr. Tetrick! We don’t need a bully in the White House who uses peoples fear to motivate. We need true leaders in our government, our businesses and our communities. Keep up the good work!
Brilliant open letter. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I commend your courage to speak honestly about what Trump has done during his campaign. Noel
Josh, I agree with what you said. We can be concerned and worried about our current situation without turning on each other and the outside world. Thank you for your impressive words. :)
Thank you Mr Tetrick for speaking out with your ad to Mr Trump. You’ve expressed beautifully what so many Americans have been thinking and haven’t had a way to say them to Mr. Trump. I am in real fear that this man may actually become our next president.
You made our day! This is the best letter (page) in the NYT in a long time! We are seriously planning to move to another country if Trump’s is elected! Please continue to spread the word!
Scarsdale, NY
Thank you for appealing to our better angels. Your ad gave me hope in an otherwise disconcerting and violent moment in our democracy. Best, Jennifer
I saw your ad in the Plain Dealer and it is now hanging on my fridge. Thank you for being the voice of the silent majority in a sea of willful ignorance and apathy.
I was one of the four people that called in response to your ad in the New York Times on Sunday around 6 PM your time when you picked up your phone. It was me, Louise who is Latina, Bernadette and Don, as well as a Canadian who is my partner, Mark that unfortunately will not be able to vote concurrent with our views to keep Donald Trump out. We are all connected to your message by heart and the principles that we fight for in this country that unfortunately this New Yorker will dismantle, if not send us into World War III. Again, thank you for loving our country and truly putting your money where your principles lie—not taken for granted.
Louis M.
Thank you for being a voice of sanity in an insane world. It’s a rarity these days.
Right on, Josh. How does a man whip so much hatred toward immigrants when he is married to one? Nut case, he is.
Thanks for speaking up. I’ll have to try that “mayo”—never heard of it until today.
I can’t eat eggs so it sounds promising.
All the best,
Thank you for your letter to Trump. May we all do the same to the highest level that we can. God bless.
I am a gringo who possibly has more Hispanic friends than Caucasians. I travel to Mexico freely, yearly, and I drive my truck through the hills going to Monterey and beyond down to central Mexico and enjoy the journey. I have friends who live there of both Hispanic origin and American ex pats. Through the couple of businesses that I own, I employ Hispanics that work with me and are my friends do not agree that their beloved country that I love so much is full of rapists and criminals and drug addicts. If that is Donald trumps narrow view on our “neighboring” country… then he obviously doesn’t get out much. True leaders don’t build walls, they break them down and plant flowers.
Just read your ad/opinion piece. Thank you.
Thanks for placing the ad. I am afraid. We’ve adopted a culture fascinated with scandal, money, and the facade of winning/looking cool. There is no longer shame in lying and cheating. It’s paving the way for fascism and fraud, hate crimes and violence. On the other side of the coin gender and race discussions are at a fever pitch. The focus of a great nation should be on developing strong values, not on disputing our differences, and deciding who to exclude, or as an overreaction swinging so far as to include some at the expense of others.
Thank you for expressing what so many of us feel about the dangers of Donald Trump. I applaud you and am grateful.
Adam B.
New York City
Josh—You’re the man—Respect that you put your money where your mouth is in opposition to Trump. Props to you.
Thank you for taking a stand against Donald Trump. I am an attorney and I simply cannot believe the things that he says, many of which call of violating U.S. or international law. His negativity and hateful rhetoric, along with his narcissism and lack of knowledge or the ability to think about important issues make him a danger to the world. In addition, his is an abusive bully, among other things. We must all turn away from this hateful lunatic. I explain this to my 11 year old daughter who came to me from Russia. She knows that he does not represent American values.
You are certainly entitled to your opinion, sir. However I would encourage you to further educate yourself on what Mr. Trump truly stands for and believes in his heart. I know it’s easy to look at the headlines and say he’s un-American. But I believe that once you view his statements within context, you will realize that he’s really not that different from yourself.

Have a nice day!
Josh S.

Josh response
Thanks for the note Josh. Do you believe the words he used to describe women?
That he actually said them

Caller response
I believe a lot of the things he said about women in the past were about establishing personality as an entertainer. I don’t believe he treats women any differently or worse than he treats men.
Thanks for putting that Ad in the NY Times! You are in a stroke ny hero! You have amplified everything i feel. This incredible hypocrite trio of trump, newt, guliiani makes me sick! Aghast that Americans collective memory is so short, and way of the smoke and mirrors act of these players—how does one make your Ad go viral?!?!!?! I wish it would!
I’m Linda A from Long Island!
Thank you Josh for your full-page ad in the Sunday plain dealer! I am praying that people will come to their senses and see what a charlatan he is!
Thank you for your ad. Just reading my daughter’s book on “Hamilton,” which highlights the arc of this country, from an immigrant to Pres. Obama. That is America and who we are.
Way to go Josh Tetrick love your ad and thank you for speaking up for rational, reasonable American-ness
Alia L.
I love what you said to the Donald on a full page in the NYTimes!!
Right on Josh!!! Trump loves himself and nobody else. We don’t need that in the USA. He is dangerous.
Thank you, Josh, for so succinctly describing what truly makes America great in your ad.
Great ad. Thanks for speaking your mind and expressing what many of us are thinking.
Thank you for speaking up for american values. I just read that Melania plagiarised part of Michelle’s speech. Just unbelievable Thank you for doing your part.
Thank you 4 standing up 4 women
Bravo. Thanks for the Dear Donald letter in NYTimes!
Nice meeting you at The Perennial! I actually had the Sunday Times in my car with me—very coincidental. Super bad ass, thank you for doing this. I’ll be tuning into the Convention…
Thanks, your friend an American
Josh, Great letter. We here in Canada are also concerned about what is going on in the USA and share your values!!
Well said, Josh. Thanks for standing up for what’s good, honorable and noble in this country. God bless you!
Thanks for the ad! Trump is an ignorant bigot, and would be awful as a president.
Well said. It’s unfortunate and concerning so many people have embraced Trump. Downright scary!! John.
Austin Tx.
Mr Tetrick, I’m a socially conservative fiscally liberal Democrat, and I have to say that your letter spells to a T what it is that upsets me most about Trump. Thank you for your letter!
Well said, Josh. Thanks for standing up for what’s Good, honorable and noble in this country. God bless you! You are my hero, thank you so much for saying what we all wanted to say!
I applaud your message to Donald Trump. Thank you. Thank you for giving a voice to those of us that feel we aren’t being heard.
So well said! I’ve almost always voted Republican and feel the same way you do. Thank you for taking action.
Josh, thanks for doing that Dear Donald ad--I appreciate you saying what I’d like to say to him too/ Larry C., Anchorage Alaska
Love the ad, I hope more people realize that trump would be bad for this country! It is shameful that he was the “best” the republican party could do. —from a former Republican
Dear Josh—thank you so very much for you “Dear Donald” ad. It’s a privilege to live in this amazing country of ours with well intentioned people like yourself. Your grandfather and mom are very proud of you. Thank you sir!
Weston CT
Thank you for the message against Donald Trump. I hope you continue speaking up and won’t be discouraged by any negative feedback you’ve probably gotten.
Thank you for writing your letter regarding Trump. It’s nice to know there are people who aren’t afraid to speak out against the ugliness of his campaign that is dividing our country. As a mom myself—you’ve honored your mom and I’m sure have made her very proud.
Thank you for speaking up for all of us. My name is Hector, and I am an immigrant living in Miami, FL.
Hi, I’m Sophie! I thought I would take this time to thank you for your open letter to Donald, as so many others have. It’s great to see someone calling him out on his faults in a well-written and polite manner that isn’t for personal or political gain. What you called out specifically I am grateful for, as well. Immigrants’ wants are so often forgotten, and I have a bit of story about my experience with them, if you’ll bear with me. I worked at an amusement park last summer doing service art (facepaint, henna, etc.) and one day a Hispanic family came to my stand. It was a woman and her children and they decided to get glitter tattoos. Most kids picked fairies or T-rexes, but these kids chose heart American flags. When it was time for them to pay, the children translated the total into Spanish for their mother. They left looking really happy. I bring it up because it wasn’t even the fourth of July and no natives ever buy that tattoo the rest of the year. They were happy to show off their patriotism, because what’s more American than leaving all that you have to move here for the chance at a better life for your family? So thank you for acknowledging that and thank you for mentioning the importance of respecting women. As a young woman going into STEM myself, it’s good to hear it from someone in the field. So often politicians veer away from talking about it because it’s (bizarrely) taboo to mention that it makes women feel ignored and that it’s not appropriate to talk about, so it’s great and important that you brought it up. Lastly, thank you for positivity. Never does America feel so divided as in election season, and referring to Americans as “we” was very touching.

On a side note, as someone who has been a vegetarian since she was seven and someone going into science, it’s great to see a company making vegan food that is affordable, delicious, and simple. So thank you for deciding to do this for your country. I think a lot of people are taking it to heart.
I know you have been receiving texts all day. It’s late, but I had to chime in. Thank you! I wanted to lease a billboard in Cleveland (my former home) during the RNC. #DumpTrump in black on white would be the message. Unfortunately, they wanted $7500 for the billboard and another $850 to print/install it. I didn’t think about it soon enough so cash flow was an issue. I don’t think we have a real problem; I’m certain Democrats will get the support of many moderate and even smart conservatives. Most of my conservative friends in Ohio have been telling me that even the Chambers of Commerce are concerned and are whispering behind closed doors that in no way, shape or form are they voting for Trump. And sitting out is not an option. They say, voting for Clinton and conservatives down ticket is the best decision for them. I think our nation’s thinkers will win this for us. Rest easy. I feel wonderful knowing you placed that ad! Be well, Josh (my son’s name is Joshua)
Dear Mr. Tetrick. Thank you. I’m a farm girl from Ohio who taught high school English for four years. I was a part time nanny, and took my young wards to see Elie Weisel. Night is 106 of the most powerful pages ever documented. I left teaching. Because it didn’t afford me the opportunity to pursue the American Dream. Now, I live in a big house and lose sleep over the decimation of the middle class. I got my MBA at Notre Dame and currently the director of brand equity for Natural American Spirit in Santa Fe. I no longer have to worry about paying my bills or the cost of unexpected car repairs. And after years in pharma and nutrition, I transitioned to a space that felt more true to me, to a company that enforces work life balance and delivers tremendous aspiration every day. I spend time in organic fields with our growers, multi-generational, salt of the earth farmers, and I see the good that we do for the environment and the world. I left teaching because I felt like I could make a bigger difference with power and money than I ever would be able to through public education. Frankly, I didn’t know how to fix public education. I’m sure you’re receiving thousands of notes. You should be. I wanted to thank you personally. Thank you. For being a role model in corporate America, for being an optimistic voice for change and for being an activist in a morally and ethically confusing world. You are an inspiration to me. Keep on keepin’ on. Let me know if you need marketing people. I’m on board with your mission. #nextboss. Cheers,
Becky R.
Dear Josh,

Thank you for having the courage to pen your letter to Donald Trump. I am a Transwoman, and see hatred and bias increasing in our country. Trumps ideology emboldens others to express their bias and hatred. Thank you for your letter, and thank you for being the good person that you are.

Samantha F
(Seattle Wa.)
Hey Josh, I wholeheartedly thank you for placing such a succinct, beautiful ad. I figured that as an international student, which usually means “finish four years in uni and return to wherever you come from,” I don’t have to care about U.S. politics. But I do. I have to. I have found, and hopefully will keep finding, opportunities to grow in your nation. I thank you for your, and your country’s, openness and the notion of second chances. I would love to contribute for you, not take from you, in the future, but Trump is about to take that chance away and classify those who want to do what I want to do as a threat. Your nation, from what I read, is open. Your nation has symbols, in their designs, promoting openness. Your country, from what my parents told me, is a superpower. Trump, with his hateful mouth and rancid brain, is making the U.S., its values and its image to the world as meek, isolation-loving and a country where its message of unity, freedom and openness is an illusion, an elaborate advert. That’s not what the U.S. is, to me. And from your words, I see you feel the same way, too. I thank you. Your ad will make me sleep a bit better at night, knowing that I can be welcomed here where English isn’t my first language and where, hopefully, your country will be pleased at my efforts in giving back after I have finished my uni studies. Thank you so, so much. Nguyen
Josh, My name is Danny S. and I live in Readlyn, Iowa. I am a 46 year old, University educated man who lives with his Mom, who is 75. I am family oriented, culturally diverse (I lived in Europe for 13 years) and someone who contributes to his community. Oh, and by the way, I am gay. I am proud of who I am. I wanted to say thank you for your open letter to Donald Trump. I know you didn’t specifically call out the LGBT community but you spoke to me in your letter. The sexual orientation I was born with is a part of who I am but it is not who I am. The other attributes of myself I mentioned above are just as much who I am as my sexual orientation. I am tired of being defined by this one attribute of myself and Donald Trump’s hatred of anyone who is not white, male, upper middle-class and heterosexual scares me more than you know. As a Christian, I was brought to love everyone and treat everyone with respect. Mr. Trump is preying on those with scare tactics and hateful rhetoric. I am sorry I am rattling on. I just wanted to say thank you from a great full person! I am a pretty darn good guy but so many in society will never see beyond the GAY man writing this. Sincerely, Danny.
Sorry to bother so late but it’s never too late to say thank you—My name is Jamal, I live in Chicago with my wife Lindsey and 2 kids Noah and Sophia. Scared each day that passes with Trump’s rhetoric about Muslims. We’re good people, we have a good religion and are peaceful. The hate he brings out of people scares me for my kids tomorrow—I’m an American Muslim. Proud. What this country has done for me and my family will always be a blessing and I’ll keep doing whatever I can for it. God Bless You Josh—your success is a blessing and do whatever you can to keep giving back and it’ll keep rewarding you.
Thank you for speaking up! My 15 year old daughter said if Trump becomes president “I’m screwed! I’m a woman AND minority (with a heritage of Native American, Mexican, and Black) AND Muslim!” My 7 year daughter said “if Trump wins it will become a civil war and then we’ll all die and it’ll become like the olden days”. This all from watching in the media.
Thanks from south Arkansas. In the beginning we joked how we would turn our Mancave into a safe haven for a few illegals we’re friends with, Anne Frank style. The joke is over, it’s now a fear. I fear for my friends and their children! Ashamed of the Republican Party, was my party. No more.
Mr. Tetrick, I am sure you will never see this but I read your piece in the NY Times and had to respond so that I could sleep at night and look my granddaughters in the eye. Your reasons for fearing Donald Trump are precisely why I fear Hillary Clinton. Her willingness to obfuscate if not outright lie; her willingness to continue the policies that have created the frustration, anger, and fear that dominate our country is exactly why I cannot vote for her. For her to say she has never and could never vote for a republican (I hear her say it myself) typifies the close minded demagoguery of her entire life. She will further the decline of our Nation that started with “W” with her belief that government knows best. We should both be thankful, however, that we live in a country where we can agree to disagree. As a 20 year veteran I am proud of what I have protected. I just pray it will not have been in vain. As someone told me; the only thing that worries me about this election is that someone will win

Mark S.
Monument Colorado

Josh response
Then consider not voting :) Or write in a candidate

Caller response
Thanks. Is that what you will do?

Josh response
Follow your values. That what I will do.

Caller response
As a vet and grandson of immigrants, I always vote. Now for whom is the question. Good luck with your venture. Let’s both keep our Country strong and in our prayers. I will assure you that I will vote the way my values were taught to me. Take care. Mark. Lol… great minds think alike.
Totally Agree!! Thank you for writing this!! —Naomi S.
Right on Josh! Please don’t let up
Thank you for saying what’s been on my mind for many months now!
Thank you for the ad message and showing the importance of civility and mutual support for ALL of our fellow Americans. A great nation is one who aspires to uplift even the most vulnerable among us.
Josh, nice ad... Eloquently stated. Because righteousness has eroded in hearts you now have violence, terror and anarchy in our streets.
Thank you so much for your letter to Donald Trump. 100 percent agree.
Thank you Josh! You just made my day by reading your article. I hope other people like you do the same thing. You’re an inspiration. I wish the best for you.
Loved the ad - frustrated republican
Thank you for the ad! We need more people with the means to speak out in similar ways!!!
Thank you for your wonderful ad. It expresses how most people feel. His behavior is shameful and it is scary that anyone could support him.
Wahoo!! Way to go!! Keep saying it!!
Thank you josh. Glad there are good guys like you out there. This November we will defeat Donald Trump!
Dear Josh,

Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, Mr. Trump is appealing to the under informed, intolerant and labeling it frustration, anger, and fear. Sadly, the violence only plays to the rhetoric tune they are playing. We can only hope that more will have the courage to speak out. I can only hope that Mr. Trump can not climb to the one most influential position in the world over the backs of the many people he has stepped on to win the nomination.
Good for you:) Enough hate, it’s time for love!
I became tearful when reading your add to Donald Trump. Thank you for simply stating the truth.
Josh, Thank you for writing what millions are thinking. Let’s show him and vote.
Hi Mr. Tetrick,

Thank you for the AD in the paper. My family moved to the country in search of a better life decades ago. My uncle has since started 3 tech companies, I have 8 members including myself in the military, and at 34 I’m the youngest Vice President at a major top 10 bank in North America. I’d like to offer some money towards the bill for the AD.

Josh—I Agree. But his divisive statements are only half the problem. His lack of sound judgement and experience pose an existential threat to the US. What he could do, if elected president, is much worse than anything he has said thus far.
Love the letter. I only wish we moderates had a stronger voice in the pissing contest that this country’s political scene has become. That’s the downfall of a two party system, I guess. Keep up the message!
—Erich R, Wadsworth, OH
Thanks for all that you do, Josh. I love Hampton Creek and as a woman Trump terrifies me, I enjoyed reading your ad in the New York times!
Thank you for the ad. So agree with your ad. Let’s hope he doesn’t get in
Thank you. You are right. And we all need to do more to stop this man. Thank you for taking action.
I agree with your full page ad/letter to the presumptive, presumptuous, Republican nominee. Thank you for writing that and buying the ad.
I’m a lifelong Republican and wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I voted for this idiot. Thanks for your ad. Craig W.
I hope you got a lot of positive feedback. Thanks again for your willingness to take a stand.
Thanks for standing up for the people like myself who get discriminated against everyday.
Thank you Josh for your well said and heartfelt anti-Trump ad. Courageous and timely.
Hi Josh, I just read your open letter to Donald Trump. Thank you so much for speaking out. I completely agree. As Americans sharing deep core values of compassion, unity, and respect for diversity, we must make our voices heard. If you elected, Trump would destroy the very fabric of our country. No one who loves this land can afford to remain silent. Too much is at stake in this election. With appreciation, Arlene.
You are so right!! The vast majority of Americans agree with you. Hillary will score the biggest win in presidential election history.
Thanks Mr Tetrick. You hit the nail on the head. It frightens me dearly thinking of a Trump led america.
Dear Josh, you rock. You are right, silence is betrayal of our values. You have inspired me to do more, thank you
Your words are an inspiration. Thank you for your courage to speak out. —Christina and Jonathan. Fayetteville, AR.
Josh. Offering my support. I’m a 5th year PhD student at Georgia Tech and the Chief Scientific Officer of a new start up aimed at creating vaccines more efficiently to help spurn epidemics. I appreciate the moral courage it takes to lead a company and place an ad like you have. The rest of us start ups appreciate the courage sir.
I don’t have any compelling background—just a white middle class American from NYC. Nonetheless, THANK YOU, for using your position of power to speak out for the good against the hate, greed, and divisiveness that is Donald Trump. Thank you.
Thank you Josh. I’m still in shock that this buffoon has so many fooled especially women who have tolerated his behavior in the media, berating women. Have we not evolved? We live in the greatest country in the world. I don’t see him suffering one bit. How has this country not been great to him? He speaks for himself. I wish he would keep his empty and angry thoughts to himself.
Thank you for having the guts to speak up publicly about the vile divisiveness being sold to people afraid of an uncertain future. Demagogues will always use fear of the “other” to appeal to our basest prejudices, and they need to be called out for it, loudly and often, lest their message of hate bears fruit. —Andy from GA
Dear Mr. Tetrick, thanks so much for taking leadership role in the fight against Donald Trump. I have a technique that I think might help defeat Trump. From now on if we all refer to the Republican nominee as Donnie instead of Mr. Trump, he would get mad and be angry all the time. My fear is that Donnie will suspend the constitution and commit genocide. Donnie should be treated as the child he is and let the adults do the hard work of politics. #StopDonnieNow!
- Paul C.
AMEN Friend. Thanks. From 67 yr old WM and 10th generation American.
Mr. Tetrick, thank you for publishing your letter to Donald Trump. I agree with what you wrote, especially that Americans are good, generous, courageous, and kind. This campaign has tapped into the negative energy of our fellow countrymen. The positive is what I wish was emphasized. And with Mr. Trump as the nominee, it seems that it unfortunately will be the case. I hope everyone who feels the way we do votes and does what they can to get others to vote. A trump presidency is a dangerous and potentially catastrophic presidency. Again, thank you for your words.
Josh. So well said. I appreciate your willingness to speak up and give my family a voice!
I’m a staffer who works directly for a nationally known progressive elected official in a major city. Your products are also amazing. I have many thoughts on the vegetarian/vegan market. Let’s talk sometime —A
Mr. Tetrick,

Thank you for capturing in 129 words what millions of Americans feel about Mr. Trump. My family and I are especially grateful as I am currently an active duty service member serving in the U.S. Army and the thought of this bumbling idiot as the leader of the free world and my Commander in Chief is terrifying. Mr. Trump’s divisive misogynistic and hateful rhetoric only serves to tap into the fears and worst instincts of what are normally level headed and good hearted Americans. Mr. Trump most certainly does not reflect true American values and for the first time in my 21+ years and counting to include multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan serving this nation I am truly frightened for what the future will hold for myself and my brothers in arms if this man becomes President. On behalf of my family and the millions of Americans that I am sure agree with your sentiments, thank you for giving a public voice to those of us that would otherwise be left unheard. As the saying goes “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” Just pray that when its time to stand and vote that the overwhelming majority of Americans send the message loud and clear to Mr. Trump just how un-American his views are and just how united we are as a nation to not let fear and hatred invade our hearts and minds. Thanks again

Jermaine T.
Sergeant Major, US Army
Thank you for the ad you wrote, and admire you. I am a single mom, a public high school teacher, and am currently finishing my masters where I also teach a college geography class. I know students who are afraid because they may not be allowed to stay here if he becomes president. I do not understand how someone can run for president and be so anti-immigrant when on our Statue of Liberty we welcome the poor, the tired, and those who want to be free; those are American values, and you are right to support him is very un-American. Trump is the opposite of the message on this symbol of America.
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! As a genealogy geek and someone who is biracial, I am extremely aware of my ancestors as immigrants from places like Germany and Norway. As well as those ancestors who were brought here on ships in shackles... constantly dreaming of freedom and a better life. People like you speak not only for me, but all those before me that believed in, dreamed of and fought for, respect, integrity and honor. You have no idea how much your gesture means to every day Americans! There are no words... sending a very inadequate virtual hug...!
Kudos to you Josh! I’m a Canadian and believe it or not the US election affects us as well. Donald Trump is unAmerican, because I believe the US citizens are ethically and morally upstanding, where Trump and sadly to say his advent supporters are not. How can anybody compromise decent morals to support a political party. While I have considerable issues with Clinton, she can’t possibly do the harm to America that Trump will if he becomes POTUS. I am scared of what could happen under those circumstances for all of us. Thank you for speaking your mind!
Love the ad. As a Canadian living in the United States I am very frustrated to say the least watching Trump and his campaign. What worries me even more is the number of supporters. I, like you, have to believe it is un-American but with the number of supporters he has I am worried that it is becoming the American way. Thank you for speaking out. I try in my community but we have to join together and be one large voice. Regards, Teri B.
Hello Josh. I love this country. Absolutely support some conservative ideas. Can’t understand any circumstance vote for Trump. Thanks for what you said.
Thank you. It’s important for reasonable voices to speak out against what we’re seeing. You did that in an elegant way without putting an emphasis on your own political leanings.
Thank you Josh for standing up to Trump.
Mr. Tetrick thank you so very much for penning this letter to publicly shame Trump’s hate filled campaign. As a minority in this country it is a very scary time but your letter reminds us that we have better angels inside of us and we are descendants of GREATNESS and we collectively will NEVER let this small minded bigoted, hate filled man set this country back 100 years or more. We’ve worked too damn hard and come too far. Again, thank you sir.
Can’t agree with you more. Hats off to your guts for calling Trump’s bluff. Bravo.
Thank you. I am an immigrant from Liberia, West Africa and Trump scares me. While I am here legally, I am still scared and wondering what other crazy policy he is thinking of. God bless you.
Mr. Tetrick:

The ad you placed in the NYT was spot-on! Thank you so much for expressing yourself in such a public forum. We need more people like you who are not afraid to speak up for what is right. Well done!

Kindest regards,
Ana S.
Thank you so much Josh! I was so heartbroken when Cruz pulled out and Trump has effectively won the nomination. Your open letter to Trump shows true leadership. I pray for more leaders like you! Keep up the fight!
What you wrote is very eloquent and elegant. Makes me proud to be an American... because, after all, it is a great country.
Wow.. just wow... you read my mind... i hope to one day work or be a ceo like you!!!
Julio Clearwater, FL
Josh, I don’t know who are you, but awesome ad in the NYTimes. You have given voice to my thoughts.
Thank you for standing up to Trump’s bullying. You are a real American.
I’m a lifelong Republican, but could NEVER vote for Trump. Thank you for posting your ad sir.
Nice job. Thanks.
David M., WFM team member since 1978
Thank you for the simple and authentic message. It captured what’s best about America.
Thank You Josh... for speaking for us without a voice!!! A very grateful Jamaican immigrant!!! Camille A!!!
Thanks for the words in the ad, and for placing the ad. 100% accurate. His message speaks to the worst elements in our nation. Yours speak of love, respect, and tolerance. God loves you, Josh.
Thank you for your ad in the Times. My fiance and I are both English teachers. We read Elie Wiesel’s Night with our students every year hoping to teach the importance of social responsibility, the danger of indifference, and the strength of the human spirit. We honestly are in shock of how many people support Trump, but are thankful there are those who stand for the same values we try to impart on our students. Thank you again.
Mr. Tetrick - I can’t thank you enough for the sanity you are trying to inject into today’s Republican Party behavior and pandering. Please keep doing the civil work to try to counter their bigotry and hate. Thanks, Samer Y.
Josh, thank you for your Dear Donald article. Thank you for using your voice for doing what’s right for America. We are kind, courageous and generous people. We don’t condone the hateful rhetoric against women and minorities, and we certainly respect differing opinions and thoughts. We aren’t fascists. You did right for your country!
—Working mom of 2 in Maryland.
Hi Josh,

Appreciate the ad. I am a 45 yr old mom, wife and educated professional. What bothers us, especially our kids, is not Trump himself but rather the hundreds of thousands of Americans who approve of Trump’s message—the name-calling, the building of a wall, banning Muslims and derogatory remarks towards women. As my 14 yr old puts it... Not cool America. Not cool....

Dear Josh:
Thank you so much for your ad. I know I am late in replying but I appreciate your kind words. I am an attorney, born in America and also a muslim. I am all of these things. I am not a terrorist. I love my country, but I am left dumbfounded by the hateful rhetoric. We can only hope that the majority of people do not prescribe to it.
Thank you, Josh. I am a private practice psychotherapist in Seattle. Many of my clients are in deep distress by the rise of Trump and the implications. So am I.
Thank you for expressing what countless (i hope) decent people think and feel about this malevolent and dangerous candidate for leader of the free world. I pray for his utter defeat. Otherwise G-d help us all.
Thank you for your ad Josh. I truly appreciate your words. You have printed the thoughts I have been thinking and feeling. Thank you!
- Deborah B.
I wish I had more of a stage to join you in opposing Trump... Being a lawyer in FL I can foresee legally just how much of a catastrophe his presidency will ultimately become... Speaking nothing of ethics—it still escapes me how someone can be quoted as saying “women, you have to treat them like shit” and still be gladly welcomed in running for the highest office in the land... this troubles me deeply.
Josh... When I was growing up, my dad always talked about people doing unAmerican things, and your letter struck a chord with me. If my dad was alive, he’d most certainly agree with you.
Great letter in the Times, Josh. Just on your points alone, never mind a candidate who knows nothing about the world at large beyond the confines of his own hubris, Trump cannot be elected!!!
You are right, we are angry and we are scared, and sick and tired of being manipulated and lied to by Congress, Senate, and the current President... it is time for change. I respect your position, but I just can’t accept the lack of integrity and dishonesty from Hillary. In my opinion, Hillary is un-American, and the last thing this country needs right now. Good day.
Josh, I agree with you, but what should I do? Clinton is also evil and immoral. In fact, in this country almost all who are rich are. Tell what to do.

—Paul, 54

Thank you for taking a stand that represents many Americans in this country. Many citizens in this country are disheartened and feel the country has taken a huge step back across many fronts. Bless you and yours. Donald Trump certainly will not lead us to a prosperous future economically, politically, socially, or otherwise.
Thank you for the message against Donald Trump. I hope you continue speaking up and won’t be discouraged by any negative feedback you’ve probably gotten.
My parents were emigrants. I now have grandchildren. The fact people believe in Trump scares me. Thanks for the ad. If we don’t hang together, we’ll surely hang separately.
Loved your ad in the NYT, thanks for speaking out! On second thought, How many trump voters read the NY Times?

Josh response
We also put letter in Cleveland paper

Caller response
Question still stands. Do trump voters subscribe to local papers?
Good for you. As a service-member that has never known a day of service without war, Trump scares me. Thank you for your voice.
Your message was spot on. You make me proud to be an American. You can tell you were raised the right American way. God bless.
Mr. Tetrick, thank you for your NYT ad. Kudos to you. Be brave and we will celebrate on Nov 8th. I can’t wait to see his sorry face that night.
Josh, thanks for taking a stand against this very scary person. I was moved to tears with your very well chosen words. I am trying to sincerely understand why fellow Americans support him at the sacrifice of what we really stand for but am at a loss. I have to find my own peaceful version of action so I too can sleep at night. I don’t do social media and appreciate responding with a text. Keep inspiring others.
Josh, well said. What I am seeing is so un American it is scary. Somehow his supporters feel they are patriots. This is not what America was founded on or what it’s about.
Great work, Josh.

It’s too much to lose the great credibility of this country at the hands of person what Trump stands for. It would be minimal effort to trash the greatness what America stands for, by people like Trump. One who stands to benefit a narrow section of society and his own self can’t be a leader. Forget him being a world leader and representing all of us. That would be a disaster of our life time. Americans deserve better than him.

Satish (Canton/MI)
Speaking from Fresno, from within the heart of conservative idealism in California’s Central Valley, I’m obligated to express gratitude for your publication in reference to the upcoming presidential race. I strongly affirm the belief that the relatively egotistical rhetoric shared by Trump and his supporters, although admirable, marks a stark decline of the open-minded and objective qualities which the upcoming election calls for, now more than ever. I find solace in the face that there are still those who also feel the duty to advocate for even the most basic of human rights, which seem to be overlooked. —Keon S.
True Americans everywhere applaud you! Thank YOU!
Hi Josh, as a physician living in Houston, who is the son of immigrant parents, and truly believes in the American Dream, I support and applaud your message wholeheartedly. This is a melting pot, and our diversity is what makes America great. Thank you!!!
Josh, I read your New York Times ad and agree with you entirely. Trump has to be exposed for who he really is. I’m a well-educated former practicing attorney living in Dallas and would be willing to get involved in any grass roots effort you might put together. In any event, it’s ads and comments like yours that hopefully will get the message out. Randy C.
Thanks for your ad in the Times.

Mike L.
Bozeman, MT
Hello, after reading your editorial and as a immigrant American Muslim from Pakistan I applaud your courage and effort. Yes, America faces tough times ahead but let’s take Americans at the helm. The bigotry and hatred of one another is not the way forward. Immigrants made United States great. America was and is great. After moving to United States in mid ‘80s and running 2 businesses in Houston, Texas, I am proud to be called an American. Yes there are black sheeps in every religious community that take it to extremes but we need to be united. A unity that the world can witness and adhere to, only then we can move forward. Your courage has been appreciated by us all. Let’s make Washington DC great again. Only then we can make America great. Let’s erase all colors and religious labels behind people and recognize them as humans. People with faces, names, hopes and dreams. Let’s look deep inside our souls and ask, are we moving in the right direction?

Mohammad B. Houston, TX
I just read an article about your ad and then read it myself. Thank you for speaking out, I agree that xenophobia and bigotry are unAmerican. Donald Trump has given voice to the underlying racism that still exists in some elements of our population but I believe that ultimately the nation does the right thing and will do so again in November.
Good for you. Trump is a power hungry moron who doesn’t have a clue how to run his own businesses, much less our country. Thank you for speaking your conscience (and ours too).

Signed, America
Well Said! Thank you for your add in the Sunday Times. You voiced the feelings of so many of us.
(Your ad is) well said, Josh. Thank you. I’m with you. Ron V.
Thank you sir for your powerful message; what millions of Americans and people across the world have been thinking and saying!!! Now how do we turn out the vote to stop this fascist before the US turns into another WW2 Germany??

Thanks: Dave
I saw your ad. I support your sentiment completely. I thank you for taking out the ad.
Just want to thank you for speaking up against Trump. We need to stop him from taking this country backwards!
Thank you so much!!!!! —Graduate student from Cal Poly
Well said and couldn’t agree more.
- Jane G
Bravo Josh Tetrick on your succinct, honest and direct appeal to how many of your fellow Americans also truly feel. Jeff L.. age 67 and a US Army Veteran.
Solid move with that Ad.

—Raad M, Founder of Lettuce (acq’d by Intuit)
Hey man, My family and I saw your letter in the paper and we all agree with you. Well done.
Dear Mr. Tetrick,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your courageous Ad in the New York Times. I am scared for this country’s future, given who people have nominated as their candidate for the Republican Party.
Great open letter to Mr. Trump. I couldn’t have said it better. Thank you for doing this.
Thank you for your words of bravery and honesty, Josh! I appreciate you standing up to that bully, Trump. I’m sure you’ll get pushback, but know what you did and do is appreciated.

—Andrew, one millennial in California
Eloquently stated, Sir. Please keep up the fight. This country is too divided to have people with power and influence speaking his type of hate. I believe Donald Trump is an actor, that most of what he says he doesn’t believe, and is simply rhetoric intended to rile up a certain part of the population and get their vote. But that doesn’t make it any less dangerous. Which is why words of condemnation like yours are so relevant. Great job.
Hi Josh... Total stranger here. Great letter/ad in the NYT. Well said and on behalf of myself and my family, thanks for writing what so many of us are thinking. Every one of your points hit home. Peace —Jesse K.
Well said. We are Americans... all of us. We strive to do better, be better. We don’t have to agree all the time, after all... the truth usually is always in the middle. However, when someone like Donald isn’t willing to compromise we’ll never be there.
Dear Josh thank you for writing the dear donald letter and for speaking out against fascism and for democracy. Donald trump is not a patriot, but you are. Best wishes from Seattle
Josh: thank you for your letter in the NY Times. It’s greatly appreciated!! Thank you for saying (loudly and respectfully) what so many of us want to say!! Douglas M.
Your letter ROCKS!!!

-an American female applauds you!!
Dear Mr Tetrick, Thank you for taking the time and resources to communicate what many, many Americans are feeling about Mr Trump. His “Make America Great Again” mission statement has long bothered me because his definition of America is quite ambiguous and, IMHO, does not represent America based on his commentary and actions.

Kevin T.
Thank you for speaking for us, our words can now be heard through your post, God bless!
Nice job on your Trump messages. I’m a fan of what you’re doing. Count on me.
Stuart L. G.
Thank you for taking a public stand against this man and for speaking up for those of us who look for and value the inherent goodness in humanity. I have lived in fear for months—fear that this bully will succeed in being elected. Trump is taking a path previously trod by Hitler and other demagogues, certain in his own mind that the people of this nation will allow fear and anger to rise up and drown out the voices of integrity and compassion. History has shown us what lies in store if this type of arrogance is allowed to govern. We must all use our voices and our votes to ensure that America does not allow intolerance and aggression to win.

Thank you for the NYT letter to Donald! We ALL need to vote to keep him out.

Mike G. Lexington KY
Thank you for the beautifully written Dear Donald ad. As a mom of 3, I am horrified at the thought of my daughters growing up in a Trump world.

Kate V.
Thank you. This brought tears to my eyes. I have such a difficult time accepting the fact so many Americans are supporting this evil man. My sweet adult son would honor his grandpa and mom the way you did.
Thank you for speaking out for a better America than envisioned by the Trump campaign. I spent my early years in a communist Czechoslovakia behind the Iron Curtain. It was said that the Iron Curtain was initially built to keep the bad people out, then turned into keeping the good people in. I fear the Trump administration would cause the same to America. Thank you for speaking out publicly on the country’s behalf.
Trump is who we need to turn our mess around. Career politicians can’t do it that’s for sure.
Succinct and meaningful. Hopefully your open letter, and corresponding publicity, will appeal to our better angels, and help stop Trump.
Thank you, but you were far too kind to the sociopath. Specific examples of his atrocities would have been more impactful, but nonetheless I thank you for speaking the obvious truth.
Great letter in the Times yesterday. Thank you for that. I hope someday to see you running for political office. Keep up the good work. Regards, June.
Hi Josh, saw your ad in yesterday’s nyt. Well put. Hope the clown gets the message... Though I doubt it. Congrats, I hope you remain as American as your words suggest. Tc.
Josh, THANK YOU for standing up and expressing so well what is in the hearts of Americans. The hatred and disrespect brought by Donald to our lives is beyond anything even tolerable. Add to these attributes the willingness to Lie without end and the ignorant Disregard for policy and how it affects people... You have the formula for another dictator on the planet. Donald is setting himself up for this position.
Hi Josh,

This is Sally T. I live in San Antonio. I’m a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines. I commend you for speaking out against Donald Trump. My parents taught me that “you have to have the strength of your convictions.” I have no respect for those Republicans that have bent over, literally falling over themselves to align themselves with Trump after he has humiliated them either personally or politically. Mike Pence is a weak man. He couldn’t even say that John McCain is a war hero. How shameful. If we don’t have freedom of speech and the strength of our convictions we have nothing. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR YOUR COURAGE AND ABILITY TO SPEAK OUT.

I admire your “Dear Donald” letter and opinion very much. The current political climate is so depressing, but I believe we will get over it because of leaders like our past presidents and you, Mr. Tetrick. I came to America in 1981 as a Vietnamese refugee when I was 18. America adopted, raised, fed, and educated me with open arms. In my mind, and I have instilled that in my 2 sons, one is a neuro surgeon and one is becoming a pediatrician, America has always been GREAT and will always be great. This place is the BEST melting pot in the world because the majority of us are NOT like the selfish, bigoted Trump. I told my sons: since Campbell vegetable soup always tastes better than chicken soup due to its various ingredients, so is America!

Thank you, Josh, for telling Donald like it is.
Josh... thanks for publishing your letter to Donald... spot on!

Brian in Redmond, WA
Thanks Josh for saying all the things that I have been feeling about the Trump campaign. As a woman and mother of 3 adopted minority daughters the man totally scares me for America’s future. Blessings to you and yours,
- Alice M.
Thank you. Thank you for having the courage to speak out about the disturbingly racist and misogynist attitudes and behaviors exhibited by Donald Trump. Our country will be poorer if he is elected, and powerful voices like yours can help prevent such a catastrophe.
Your letter is spot-on. Thank you. Signed, a wife, mother, grandmother, Finance Director, proud American, granddaughter of immigrants.
Josh—thank you for being heard and taking a stand. It is inspiring to see such leadership and grace. I have watched in awe as Donald Trump has taken center stage. Thank you for being brave, being heard and trying to stop this travesty from unfolding. Congratulations on your success, it is well deserved!
- Shawn F.
Josh I like what you wrote and agree with you wholeheartedly. Unfortunately Trump is just a symptom and the ascendant epitome of what the Republican Party has become. Misogynist, racist, intolerant, fear mongering, and anti-science.
- Scott T.
Thank you for being brave. Thank you providing a voice for those of us who feel powerless at the direction the country (and the world) is taking. With all the noise and the circus surrounding the messages of hate and fear that Trump and his ilk have fed and created, it has become increasingly difficult for the rest of us to be heard: we don’t agree with that message. That is not what America is about. That is not freedom, hope, or opportunity. We are a country whose greatest strength is diversity, we should all remember that.
Bravo! Thanks for speaking up. If we all turned away from him, we would “make America great again.”
Your message to Trump is what we should listen and act on to be a better person before being the president of this greatest country! Thank you very much!
- Jibao H. from New Orleans
Thank you for giving so many people a voice that was well stated and hopefully resonates with all votes.
- Sudha R.
Josh! Yes! Read about ur ad this am. Then about you. My ex wife was also born on March 23 and she went from raising our kids at home in Petaluma and no college degree to being hired by IBM as a sales rep for eCommerce products. Go go Aries people. I also try to do my part to help the world become healthier. Thx for speaking up clearly and concisely! Best, Joe H, DC
Dear Josh, Thank you for your bravery and integrity. You are who we are.
From my grandparent’s granddaughter, thank you.
Great ad! Well done for speaking up! From a European immigrant living in Houston Texas!
It’s unfortunate that so many have been silent enablers of Trump’s un-American campaign. Thanks for speaking out.
As a Latino student who came undocumented to the U.S. in the 1980s, I’d like to thank you and honor your courage for standing up to Trump’s nativism and bigotry. I have experienced the illegal racism that Trump now wants to make legal and accepted in our country. Yet, through much effort and perseverance I have worked myself up from undocumented to US citizen, and from high school drop out (because I had no parents to support me) to now being a graduate student at Yale. Please keep speaking...
Thank you so much for the ad you placed. I too was taught to respect all and to help others step up in this world together. Thank you for so boldly standing up against this man. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
—Josh in Reno NV
Hi Josh, I “just” tried calling. Nice letter re: Trump. I see a convergence between HC and SJ, I’ll shoot you an email. —Mike S
Hi! I may be just a twelve year old girl from Florida, but I just really want to say thank you. Thank you for standing up for my future and my America. Trump needs to be put in his place. So thank you so, so much for doing just that. You’re awesome.

P.S. (From my 11 year old brother)

P.P.S. (From me)
I hope your mayo company does well, I’m a vegetarian. I seriously can’t thank you enough for your ad. Thanks for sticking up for those without a voice.
I so admire you for placing the full page ads. Way to go! Love you did that. I’m in 100 percent agreement with what you said. Kim in Minneapolis.
I am pleased and proud to tell you that I agree with your words in your recent ad. Our country will be an entirely different (un-American) place if this man becomes president. I fear it will be a place where we are governed by threats and intimidation and fear. A hellish place like Germany of the 30s and 40s.
Thank you so much for your ny times note to trump!
— Peter from Cleveland. Ex SF resident.
Mr. Tetrick—Thanks for running the letter to Trump. I hope that it will strike a chord and that the angels of our better nature will be heard in the end. Sincerely, Paul V.
Thank you Mr. Tetrick for your open letter. I’m a Republican and couldn’t agree with you more. America needs more leaders like you.
Thank you! I’m a gay dad of two adopted children from Guatemala. I’m also a business owner, a tax payer and a Christian. Americans are good. We are courageous. We are kind. You are so very right in the letter you addressed to Donald Trump. Thank you for giving voice to concerns many of us wish to be heard.
As a huge military supporter and marine myself I cannot thank you enough for saying what everyone is thinking. We can’t have him as president...
Thank you so much for your Dear Donald Letter. I often wonder if anyone else is listening to his and his followers’ rhetoric. The media’s handling of this as another reality TV show doesn’t help. Is there anyone who can be trusted anymore to tell the truth about what America really is and who we are? Thank you for speaking up.
Mr. Tetrick,

I understand that Don Trump can run for president, but have been unable to understand how anyone can support him. I want to thank you for putting my thoughts into words and print. I am hopeful that the majority of Americans agree with you.

Walter L—Gibsonia PA
Thank you for speaking up. I am afraid for our country if he is elected and knowing that people with means are supportive and care about our future ad a country makes me feel better. If you are ever looking for help to make a bigger pitch... I’m in! A woman who works hard for her money in Minnesota. Roni B.
Good morning Josh. I hope all is well. I just read an article on CNN about your letter to Trump. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you doing that. I so much respect you for speaking for so many of us. Most of us don’t have the platform you do, and shame on those who have the platform and don’t use it. I especially respect the fact that the article quoted you saying your impetus for the ad campaign was due to Elie Wiesel and his book “Night”. I’ve read that book many times and often refer to your reference of his quote, “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.” Truer words have never been spoken. I laugh at that line from Animal House when Dean Wormer tells Flounder, “Fat, drunk, and stupid, no way to go through life son.” Isn’t that the truth for so many people who would support Trump? Times change, voices change but truth stands tall throughout. Thanks for being a voice of truth Josh. I wish only the best for you my friend and sincerely hope that your heart lives long and continues to speak the truth.

With much appreciation,
Yours truly, Wesley F.
I can’t agree with you more! Trump wants to blame Obama for the shootings he alone has Americans against each other. People actually think it’s ok to be rude bigots, and racist. It makes me sick to think we have regressed in such a short time because of an ignorant loud mouth. I am embarrassed to think I could possibly share his ridiculous ideas. I pray more citizens see him for the idiot he is!
- Candy
I appreciate leadership like you fellow tech CEOs are expressing in this election. Thank you for helping to move our country and our world forward.
Thank you for taking a stand against Donald Trump. I am horrified, not only for myself but for my children and my grandchildren. The United States, with Donald Trump as a presidential candidate, is the laughing stock of the world. He is a narcissistic, lying bully who has made his, supposed billions at the expense of the working class population.
Josh Tetrick, thank you for your ad in the NYT to D.T. I applaud your willingness to stand up and say what needs to be said. Sharing the article on CNN with everyone. You are the kind of person and business owner who does indeed make America the great country it is. Well done.
Thank you for using your voice to say what so many of us feel. It is scary to think what would become of America if Trump was elected. I say to people all the time, “Steve Jobs was the son of a Syrian immigrants.” I live in Southern California and our economy would come to a standstill if he deported all the hard working immigrants from south of the border. Everyone should watch the movie “A Day Without a Mexican.”

- Bruce L.
Mr. Tetrick, Thank you for speaking out for decent Americans, from an American by choice. And a voting one at that! Carlos V.
As a disabled woman, Trump’s mocking of a disabled reporter absolutely disgusts me. He is playing to the lowest level of voters. IMO, his candidacy is a direct result of white backlash to Obama’s Presidency and policies for 8 years. I’m an Independent voter. Thank you for your ad.
Hi Josh, that ad u posted was absolutely powerful words, done so gracefully and so accurate, GREAT JOB! I’m a registered Independent and no doubt in my mind, I will be voting for Hillary, it is the only sensible vote to make, in light of current world events and to STOP TRUMP!
Thank you. For the first time in my life I’ve felt truly afraid for my children, for my country, for myself. That our country would put forth such a bigoted bully as a potential leader of the free world shocks, saddens, horrified and baffles me. We are so much better than this. Again, thanks for speaking sensible simple truths.
Dear Josh,

Immigrants built this country! I’m one of the boat people who came to the US in 1980. People in Jefferson, Iowa welcome me with open heart and helped me get settled. Americans I know are more than generous, courageous and kind. Don’t let one person’s negatives affect and change who you are. Thanks again America for taking me in.

Thang T.
My name is Ricky N, I would like to thank you for putting your money up for something right and having the courage to stand by your statement.
Dear Josh, thank you for your integrity, courage and kindness that overshadows the 5% that are misguided and asleep in their fear. As a 67 yr old mom and grandmother I would gladly add your name to my family with pride. I know your mother must be smiling from the inside out!! I remain hopeful, Cheryl M.
From one CEO to another: Well done! Rock on! 80% of my votes have been for Republicans, but not this time.
Greetings from Juneau, Alaska! Loud praise and thunderous applause for your brave letter. I hope it inspires others to do the same! Respectfully, T.J.
Mr. Tetrick, thank you for penning and publishing your letter to Donald Trump. As a college instructor in my first year of teaching (Ethics and Society) I’ve found the Trump effect frightening (understatement of the year) and your willingness to voice opposition to it is appreciated. I will share your letter with my classes. So, when are you running for office?

Have a great day!
Carrie C.
Your ad was good for America. If you ever need help from an underemployed attorney, I’m here for you. ;) keep up the good work and I’ll try your mayo-like product.
Thank you for speaking out against a Donald Trump presidency!! It is frightening to me the idea that he is this close to the White House. I’m not sure how this happened... he is so unAmerican and against all what has already made America great. He preys on people’s fears. I hope more people in important positions in our country speak out as you have. Thank you!!!
Thank you. You are brave! He may come after you, try to hurt you and your company, but stay strong because good things happen to good people. He cannot break us if we don’t let him.
Thank you Mr. Tetrick! I’ve been appalled by Mr. Trump’s blatant racism and discrimination. His campaign is insidious. I am saddened and shocked to see that people do not understand that Hitler came to power in much the same way. And a lot of people then just turned a blind eye, thinking, ‘oh, he’s not THAT bad. It’s just what we need...’

The thing that I don’t like about Trump is that he is cruel, and cruelty, to me, equals weakness. Whenever someone cruel is in power, their advancements are sub-par and weak, and EVENTUALLY they fail. Fingers crossed that people will understand this!

Just saw your ad online. Hats off to you. Well written. Thanks for spending your hard earned money. Let’s hope the American people realize the importance of its meaning.

Arthur S.
Thank you for posting that ad. You’re a hero. Also your mayo is delicious.
Thank you for your letter in the New York Times. It is my sincere hope that people such as you will use their means to prevent the ideologies of hate and separatism from dominating our country. I observe this political season with deep sadness and fear that seeds prejudice, greed, and intolerance are being sown. But deep down, I have faith that Americans will not allow these seeds to grow.

Thank you again, Nathan L. MD
Thank you. I was beginning to fear that America wanted Trump. Your words made my heart ache with relief. I cannot believe people really want him.
Thank you. Just... Thank you from one American to another.
Bravo! As humans, we are endowed with the incomparable ability to think of ourselves, but many of us are encumbered by the incomprehensible tendency to avoid doing so. Too often, we allow our views to be subjugated by those who have the more powerful voice, or the more charismatic delivery. We blindly follow those who would lead, and many who would lead follow a distorted path. We treasure those we are taught to love and despise those we are taught to hate. If we allow ourselves the freedom of thought, we may keep from destroying all we have wrought.
Josh, Thank you for using your considerable voice to simply and thoroughly say what so many of us are feeling. I am a double minority—Gay Hispanic US Citizen. My fervent hope is that reasoning and thoughtful people will use their respective voices, VOTE, and Win The Day! Once again, thank you for all that you are doing.

Sincerely, Roy F. G.
Thank you for speaking up! We need more people like you who have the courage of their convictions.
Thank you for placing the ad. You expressed the feelings and concerns so many of us have about this candidate who seeks to benefit himself at the expense of our country and society.
Thank you. One of my grandmothers came to this country in 1920. She was a widow with a child. Her first husband had probably died in the war, fighting for the other side. I can’t believe the party of Lincoln and Eisenhower would call her or my aunt a threat.
Thanks for using your wealth for good and speaking up. Signed, a very sad Republican.
Amazing courage to publish your message. Many of us stand with you.

S. Florida
Josh. I love you. In a few short paragraphs you said it all. We all should be afraid if Trump gets elected. Thank you for saying what many of us are thinking and feeling but don’t have the platform.
Hi Mr. Tetrick.

I applaud you for your statement regarding Trump’s campaign. His message is founded on hate and on dividing this country. It is sad that this is happening to our country when we decry it in other parts of the world. Thank you for speaking out against his campaign.

Debbie S. Aliceville, AL
Good letter, thank you for writing it, it helped remind us there are good Americans still!
Most people assume that others share our view but it’s just not true. While it would be nice if “everyone agrees” that we should respect women, immigrants make our country better and the kkk is bad, that is not the case. I appreciate your message but I fear you’re a bit Pollyannaish.
Good morning, Mr. Tetrick. I know you must be flooded with text messages but I had to commend you in your ad in the NY Times. I am a 43 y/o immigrant from Venezuela, a country that was also tired of “establishment.” The consequences of supporting an anarchist have been dreadful. I have felt more at home in the US since I moved here almost 20 years ago than I ever did back in Venezuela, I love America and its people, this country is my home. I am actually afraid of what may happen not just to America but also to the world if Trump should be elected president. Anyone supporting that man needs to seriously reevaluate their choice and I hope your message is the catalyst of that change. I am sorry to say I have no respect for anyone who supports him (sadly, including my possibly soon to be ex- husband), but i do have a huge deal of respect for you. Kudos, Mr. Tetrick!

Elisabeth R.
Thank you for what you wrote. I am a white female, 46. I have a good job with a decent income. Most of my staff are hispanic or Ghanaian. I fight for them to receive better wage increases, better health care benefits, etc. Most have been working at this building for 10+ years. They are the rock of this place. Mr. Trump’s hate mongering has disgusted me. My property that I manage in south Florida has a large gay population. My board of directors has a woman president, a black VP, 3 gay men, 2 retired police officers—one male and one female. America was founded by immigrants from England and it was founded to provide people of all religions a place to live and not suffer persecution. What Trump wants to do is turn us all into xenophobic bigots and it just isn’t right. So again, thank you. Lisa E.
Mr. Josh Tetrick, you spoke up for me. A million thanks for your letter to Donald.

—from Sumesh K, a proud American!
Thank you for using your influence to state what so many Americans and immigrants wanting to become Americans feel. You are right when you say we are scared, but I think more frightening than terrorism and hate is the thought that Trump may become president. We are expecting our first grandchild and we need the world to be better for the baby and for all people everywhere. We are hopeful that love conquers hate and indifference. I appreciate your help in this endeavour.

Very sincerely, Michelle L, school RN, wife, Mother and future gramma.
Thank you Josh for your civil, heartfelt, and powerful ad. In a few short paragraphs, you’ve precisely captured my sentiments.

Thank you for your letter to Donald, and for your moral stance on our broken and cruel food system. <3
Thank you for taking your time and money to publish that small statement. I could not agree more, the Trump campaign just does not represent anything whatsoever what I think of this great nation. I can’t help but think the rest of the world is looking at us and laughing.
Thank you for your ad. I thought of leaving the country if Trump wins. But America is too great to do that. I have faith that good will overcome evil. Laurie H.

I’m from Cleveland and read your ad yesterday. Loved it and that is the essence of what makes us the best country in the world. As son of this country born in Ohio to Lebanese immigrants of Muslim faith Donald has repeatedly insulted, disrespected and spewed nothing but hatred to all Muslims. I’m an agnostic and yet I shudder to know he may become my president. Donald would be surprised to know that I’m a middle aged professional with a masters that loves his Browns, CAVS and Indians and not a terrorist as he and Mr. Gingrich would want you to think. Please don’t back down from your message as I’m sure you’ll get a lot of those who disagree. If you make it to town please look me up and we’ll have a beer at a good Lebanese restaurant. Thanks Josh for being a true American.
Thank you, Josh! You have spoken in a few brief words what do many of us wish we could say in a loud, public voice to Donald Trump personally. I doubt that he can even understand such a message after a lifetime of unearned privilege and unfettered greed, but my hope is that people who are uncertain about his candidacy will wake up and understand the truth of who we Americans really are. I am a 67 year old white retired teacher and grandmother from Northern California, and a lifelong Democrat. You speak for me.
THANK YOU for your Dear Donald ad! The parallels to 1930s Germany are terrifying and I am now embarrassed of my own country. Thank you for speaking up so pubically. You speak for more people than you will ever know.
— Carla in Seattle
Dear Mr. Tetrick, I want to thank you for your message to Donald Trump. I have been in this country for 45 years, since I was 4 years old. Never before have I been so afraid for my future, my safety and those of other immigrants as I am now. Everyday I worry. What will happen to us if Trump is elected? I cried twice this morning, first when I read about the treatment of bear cubs and monkeys in a circus in China on Facebook because it is so sad and horrific. Then I cried again when I read your letter to Trump, because finally words of hope in a world where hope is hard to find. Thank you.
Thank you so much for saying what so many of us are thinking. Trump represents all that is wrong in this world. Racism, sexism, etc. He fans the flames of insane conspiracy theories. I have friends who are first generation Mexican and Muslim immigrants, people who work hard to make sure their children have better lives than they did, and it makes my blood boil every time I hear Trump insult them. We all need to speak loud and clear this election and tell Trump and the GOP that we won’t allow our country to be dragged back into the dark ages.

—Dawn from NJ
Thank you Josh for placing the ad about Trump. He has to be stopped. It’s urgent. I am happy to help in any way.
Good morning. I read your ad and I respect your view. That’s what makes America... discussing and having different views. In my response I want to share my view. No candidate is perfect... I do not identify with the democratic side anymore... on any front... economically foreign policy or their view of society either. We have never been more divided and I say that because I see it daily.. Not because it’s a talking point. I respect your career in the tech industry but make no mistake... the tech industry needs to start doing their part in preventing ISIS from using it as the main tool of recruitment and hate. Please work on that and let the new president handle everything else in January! Trump 2016... I was a single mom 27 years ago... I am centered in my faith and my son is biracial... this is also who we are. I am not turning away. Respectfully.
Mr. Tetrick,

Thank you for standing up for immigrants. I’m an immigrant working hard to make myself and America better. We’re five siblings in US: two PharmDs., one nurse practitioner, one nurse, and one engineer. We’re tired of being labeled as leeches by the other party. If anything, like your ad said, together with other Americans, we strive to make this new country of ours great! Thank you again for recognizing our contribution!!
Thank you Josh for standing up for all Americans in your letter to Trump. In such turbulent times we need a strong thoughtful caring empathic leader who will unite us in hope not divide us in fear and anger.
Just read your missive to Trump. Right on brother!!
Hi Josh, I just want to say “thank you” for the advert against Donald Trump’s divisive campaign. You spoke the minds of millions of Americans. You are a true patriot. May the Lord bless you real good. Chinyeaka, from Edmonton Canada
Thank you. I wish more people would call that guy out on his b.s., it concerns me more that people choose to buy into the crap he’s trying to feed us.
My name is Howard Z... I’m 63 and I have never seen anything like this even in the 60s when we marched against the war.. Thank you very much for standing up to the American Hitler... Tikkun O, brother.
Well said. Trump has moved me from moderate-right to moderate-left. Thank you for adding your high profile voice to those calling out this charlatan!
I nor any of my family are neither rapists, murderers or even drug runners. We are AMERICANS of Mexican descent. Some of us have even paid the ultimate price for our beautiful beloved country. This is why I would like to contribute to your ad. Although this wouldn’t be much in terms of money it would not be as much as the contribution towards Hillary’s campaign but rather against Trump’s.
- Alfredo P.

Should come as no surprise that an honorable product is championed by an honorable man. Thank you!

Mike S.
Well said! It’s a very sad commentary on the GOP and the collective American psyche that Trump has gotten this far.
Well said sir. I agree completely. From Tipp City, Ohio.
Josh, thank you for making a stand against Trump. I am an independent voter that finds his values, or lack thereof, disgusting.

—Aaron R.
Dear Josh,

THANK YOU! I’m a 47yr old, Canadian born (Vancouver BC) permanent resident living in Chateaugay, NY. My two daughters (Gabrielle 21 and Olivia 19) are ashamed of Trump and shocked he’s gotten this far. In fact, we are all so disgusted and horrified that we all decided to naturalize so we can VOTE against the International embarrassment he is. You said it right... Trump is un-American and does not represent anyone I know personally... thank goodness! Cheers to YOU for speaking out!

Fondest Regards Paula K.
Thank you for saying what so many believe, but are unable to express openly.
Could not agree with your ad more. As a person who has grown up in a family with conservative Republican principles that ascribe to the Miami Cuban voting block, I have heard no shortage of arguments of people trying to convince me (and possibly themselves) why voting for Trump is the right thing. However, I cannot, with any good conscience, vote for such a man. Hopefully most Americans will see it that way too. Thanks for speaking out!
Great work Tetrick! Always here to support you and HC’s mission—keep representing yourself and Michigan Law well, as you have been.

Take care,
Mr. Tetrick,

My name is Ryan Frank, a 20 year-old college student who would consider himself a moderate Republican. Recently, I read your letter in the newspaper and I would like to say thank you. Being POTUS is a remarkable award and it should be taken seriously. I’m sure you’re busy but I’m wondering what your stance on Gary Johnson is and if you would take out an ad to let the public know that you don’t have to vote for Trump or Hillary. Again, thank you for writing that letter on behalf of all Americans who feel like this election has gotten out of control.

Ryan F
Thank you for your open and honest assessment of this truly horrible situation. I am former military and could never accept Donald Trump as a Commander in Chief. Sadly, you cannot fight a person like Trump with reasonable, open discourse. He relies on fear and insults to carry his message. Humiliation seems to be the only way to strike at his armor of bigotry. That’s why i am starting a Go Fund Me campaign to create these. I may not have your wealth and influence, but I need to do something to help me sleep at night.
Thank you, I too am turning away from Donald. His campaign does feel dirty, and un-American. Chris S. Pittsburg, KS
Thank you from a Florida dad
Thanks for speaking up for those of us who are not insane, are disgusted with Trump’s campaign, and find the current political climate vomitous.
I fully support the points that you raised in your New York Times ad. Donald Trump has found a way to crystallize what it means and does not mean to be an American. I thank him for that, but he certainly won’t get my vote.

—Mar H. Ph.D.
Read your article. I fully agree with your statements. How can we spread the word to a greater audience?
Mr. Tetrick, you are an inspiration to single moms who are raising sons, mine identifies as his grandpa’s grandson too. Thank you for what you do. God bless.

Just wanted to Thank you for standing up for America and telling the Truth about Trump. WOW! About time someone did what you did! My wife and I are so impressed!

Dear Josh, Thank you for your letter to Donald. He is a horrible human being and is absolutely channeling frustration and anger into his nomination. G-D willing he will not win.
Dear Josh... Thanks for the wonderful message addressing Donald Trump. I completely agree with you and fully support you for standing up to this bully. Tried reaching your number and personally thank you, the VM is full. Thanks again for your message it’s heart touching and American in every sense.

Thanks for having the courage to publish your letter for all to read. You are absolutely correct—Americans are good, generous, courageous, and kind. Hate, fear, and divisiveness are the antithesis of those things. Unfortunately hate, fear, and divisiveness appear to be the foundation of the Trump campaign.
Josh, I wish there were more leaders like you standing up to Trump. Kudos for your public statement. I’m with you, as are millions of Americans who don’t have a platform to say so. Thank you!

—Dina from Chicago
I appreciate your ad so much. As a woman living in the Southern US, I have been fearful of what is to come if Trump is elected. It makes me feel better that there are others like me.

Thanks for giving us all a voice.
Thank you for your ad regarding Trump’s campaign Mr. Tetrick. I hope more high profile executives do the same. His campaign scares the living hell out of me and the fear comes not so much for him being elected, it’s the empowerment that his supporters are gaining simply because he is spewing hate every time he steps up to a podium. If he wins, God help us all.
Dear Josh,

Thanks for your ad re: Trump. There’ always going to be hatemongers. What I find disturbing is the number of our fellow Americans who support him.
Thank you for saying that everyone feels but no one wants to say to everyone who likes and wants to vote for Trump. Many just believe it’s better to sit out the election I say you need to vote you need to have a voice. My greatest fear is that he will be elected because people can’t see past the “I’m a republican so he gets my vote” mentality. How about I’m an american and I’ll do what’s best for the country? Where did that mentality go?
Dear Josh, I read your open ad to Donald. Thanks for your courage. People like you make our country great. I strongly believe that all the current violence we are experiencing is due to Donald’s ability to get the worst out of underprivileged people.

Hemant M
I agree 100%! Thank you for your public declaration of just how disturbing trump’s whole campaign has been.
Thank you.
Doug B.—not a Democrat, not a Republican, an American
Dear Josh, as a hard working, law abiding, grateful appreciative new American (Salvadoran at birth and became a citizen 2 years ago!) I thank you for speaking up. This election made me realize that change happens when we all contribute to it. I learned about the issues that matter to me and became involved in my County’s Democratic Party. I even became a Sanders Delegate at our State Convention (TX)! The people of this great generous nation are good at their core and what you said in the ad will bring them back to who they are. Again, thank you for doing it. A fellow vegan, Monica S. (McKinney TX)
Thank you so much for what you said in your ad. I can’t believe what Republican politics has lowered itself to. A trump presidency scares the heck out of me. I’m a female baby boomer who is a registered Democrat, but I vote for the best candidate. Thanks again!
Thank you. Our family includes active duty military, immigrants, gays, trans, people with disabilities. We are hardworking and will never vote for Trump.
Thank you for speaking out. I’m making it my personal goal to go out of my way to do kind things for immigrants... mostly Muslims and Hispanics... that I meet on the street. I’ve also stopped to be kind to cops. I’m getting random hugs from strangers in return. I am so sick of the hateful rhetoric that is tearing our country apart. “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.”—His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
Thank you for speaking out. I can say so much more but the depth of your letter said enough. Blessings... Camille
The news cycle of the past two weeks has been so overwhelming and disheartening. This is not the America I know, and the actions of a few have not reflected the basic grace and goodness that I know to be inherent in the majority of us. Your ad has given me hope. I can only hope that the chorus of those of us repudiating this hurtful, divisive, and dangerous rhetoric will continue to grow. Trump CANNOT prevail. This insanity has to end.

Eve L.
Thank you Sir, well said. Hope that the minions will not make you pay too high of a price saying what needs to be said.

Thanks, Rolf D.
Congrats on your ad regarding Trump. Such a shame but I agree Americans/people in general are inherently good. Much love from Charlotte, NC —Kim M.
Thank you for providing a spot on and concise explanation how Trump used fear and frustration. I am a second generation Asian-American, earned an Ivy League degree, served my country and have prospered because America and Americans are inherently good. I fear what Trump represents.

Warren L.
Josh, thank you for the succinct yet eloquent open letter to Donald Trump you published. As the son of immigrants, as a fellow social entrepreneur, and as a writer and political commentator for CNN, I too have spoken out against Trump’s anti-American vitriol. It is great to see a CEO take a stand and invest in sharing their message with our country. Best to you and thanks again,

Rudy R.
Mr. Tetrick thank you for your open letter to Donald Trump. I am especially grateful for your focus on what is rooted in good. Fear and hate have pushed us as a nation to be brink of destruction, but I believe that enough good remains to turn that around.

Rosa S.
While we may disagree on how a certain condiment is made, I stand with you in your assessment of our country in your letter to Trump. I’ll be turning away from him as well. Keep up the good work brother.

Thank you so very much for having the moral courage to speak out in a most public forum. Elie Weisel would be proud of you for sharing your voice. Indifference will be all of our undoing without people such as yourself and the others who have joined you give a voice for us all.

Thank you again.
Mr. Tetrick... I just read your thoughtful comments in The Times. Thank you for speaking out in such a powerful way. Almost too kind, but exactly what we so desperately need: more strong honest undeniable kindness with an honorable purpose. Thank you!
Hello Mr. Tetrick. Writing to say bravo and thank you for taking stand against Donald Trump. Like you, I too feel a moral obligation to speak out against this atrocity of a campaign and affront to everything that is good and decent and in keeping with American values. I hope your action will inspire other business leaders and other prominent figures to use their voice to speak out as you have.

Thank you again,
Carol B, Massachusetts.
Josh, I really appreciate your efforts! We all came here from somewhere else for the promise of a better life even Donald’s family. We can’t forget history as it shows us what happens when you demonize and divide people. We are better when we try to learn from each other. Thank you for putting your words out to the world
- Kelley B.
Dear Josh,

My dachshunds and I have been practically begging for someone to step up and be a voice of reason. Thank you for running that ad. We appreciate your effort and hope that change will happen. Wish more people were like you!

Peace and love,
Your friends from Kansas
Kudos to you, Josh! Thank you for taking the time to speak up in such a public fashion. As an American and small business owner, I find that man deplorable. We are all immigrants and all American. Come November, I can only hope he will receive the electoral trouncing he deserves. All the best, Paul.
Thank you! Your Grandpa would be proud of you!
Josh, great letter. We here in Canada are also concerned about what is going on in the USA and share your values!!